Australia’s National Debt today is $772.6 Billion plus $1Million compounding Interest every day and month of every year.

Australia has 741,900 unemployed people.

Australia has 105,237 Homeless people.

All suffer life below the poverty line and have little or no hope of ever owning a home or having a job to feed, educate, house and care for themselves or their children.

Tonight I watched  on television a family of five Syrian refugees who just arrived in Australia happy in a modern suburban brick house with food aplenty on their dining table  looking forward to life in Australia with free education of their three children and a wonderful future for which they have not ever contributed anything themselves. No doubt the Australian Government is providing them with dole money to feed and clothe them all and most probably has arranged employment for the father of the family and if not will continue to provide such for them until they become self supporting when ever that may be.

AUSTRALIAN TAXPAYERS FOOT BILL $1.2 Billion per year  on overseas detention centres PLUS  and  almost $2.9 billion next financial year budget works out an average of just over $71,000 per person for a year based on just over 40,000 expected refugees PLUS $2.5 Million already on ‘tow-back Boats’ used once and never recovered.

BUT WAIT ON- 11,999 more Syrian Refugees are coming at the behest of Turnbull’s lot and Shorten agreed!

Why are not Australian families who have contributed taxes, paid GST most of their lives and who were born in this country given the same hospitality and free education, health care and houses?

This is either stupidity or madness but it most certainly is discrimination! If you want  change- join “Australia New Era Party” now- The clock is ticking! Cheers Ray.



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