Poverty is demeaning, it causes loss of hope and destroys one’s dignity. It comes from loss of employment and eviction of families from homes and farms and loss of one’s business and bankruptcy. The mental anguish that follows often cause  robberies, crimes,  murder of families and suicide of the anguished. Is this the future for Australians or will you choose “PROSPERITY”?

Prosperity has been absent from Australia for a decade and more.  Once upon a time most everything one needed to feed, clothe and house one’s family was “Made in Australia” then most all available was “Made in Japan” and these days most things available are “Made in China” and soon most jobs in Australia will overtaken by Chinese workers via the ill conceived “Free China Agreement “and other agreements  that LNP and Labor sanction/ed.

Imagine this ” All things you need to feed, clothe and house your family is once again -“Made in Australia”. Once again – “Prosperity” will sweep across Australia with the repatriation of manufacturers who fled Australia for a slave wage Bill Prosperity will bring about full employment for everyone who wants a job without loss of wages and benefits.

Self Funded Retirees and Pensioner will benefit from safe Superannuation and pensions tied once more to the average minimum adult male worker’s wage. Women will enjoy the same rate of pay for the same work that men do.

“Australia New Era Party” will bring prosperity to Australia once again.

YOUR CHOICE- I hope you choose wisely and join my party – send an email with ” I wish to join’ subject line to and I will send you an on-line enrolment form to complete – it’s easy and DON’T SEND ANY MONEY!  Cheers Ray.

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