7700 + 40,000 = 47,700 JOBS LOST!

7700 + 40,000 = 47,700 JOBS LOST!

Woolworths is shutting down “Masters” . Holden, Ford and Toyota are quitting Australia in 2017 and 40,000 car workers and supply chain auto parts workers will lose their jobs and 47,700 will join the dole queue.

And 47,700 will pay no taxes and add to Australia’s $Trillion plus National Debt and Banks and others will seize thousands of homes, auction them off and evict families on to streets across Australia.

YES OR NO?  That is the question if you are one of the 47,700 you are running out of time. You have the power to change the inevitable loss of your job but you must do it now and join my party “Australia New Era Party”  send an email with “I wish to join” subject line to ray.thyer@bigpond.com for an enrolment form. I will build A NEW CAR MAKING PLANT in Adelaide!

I know what to do to save Australia, THEY DON’T! Kick them all out at the next inevitable Double Dissolution Election. Join my party now, you deserve better, your family deserves better, they will thank you if do and hate you if you don’t when you become jobless. Cheers Ray.

Tracking  UA-82078737-1


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