Did you ask Malcolm, Bill, Pauline and your favourite know all Political Party what they are doing to save you and your family from financial ruin?

Well no matter- Pay them – No, never mind!”. They will recite their usual propaganda won’t they and you will be no better off than before.

The world is awash with debt! Do you remember “Pyramid Schemes” and when the flood of money stopped the early beneficiaries got the money and fled and those at the bottom of the pyramid lost all they invested?

Governments are a the top of the Pyramid they take from all and spend and spend and when the masses have been bled dry and the money runs out there will be a day of reckoning. There will be a world-wide financial crash, there will be a housing bubble burst and there will the Mother of all Recessions- UNLESS- YOU KICK THEM ALL OUT!

Tribunals and Royal Commissions into the deeds that Banks do are never going to resolve anything. At top of my party’s ” Australia New Era Party” Agenda is the creation of a NEW BANK IN AUSTRALIA. In this way we will end the evil that is “Compound Interest” and only one amount of profit will be added to house mortgages and at last – Interest paid on Credit Cards will be minimal and real competition will rule and not the evil of Profiteering and Money Gouging.

I cannot save Australia and your future and the future of your family alone. You have the power to save Australia by joining my party, I need five hundred members to register my party and to contest the next and inevitable Double dissolution Election. Your children will thank you if you do and hate you if you don’t! Cheers Ray.

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