I know what has to be done to save Australia from financial ruin, I need a Benefactor to contest the next and inevitable Double Dissolution Election. LNP and Labor spent many millions of dollars to win the last one. I have no money and I need a Benefactor quickly. I know what empty and broken promises bring-  The National Australia Bank reneged on its promises and my business built up over twenty years was lost and they seized and auctioned off my family home  and evicted us on to the street.

I need a benefactor to help me get my party up and running. He/She would believe the way ahead for Australia is not the way of the “I’m in again parties” – you know the ones  who go in when the other goes out. I need billboards and press exposure to get my party’s message out. Prospective Benefactors please send an email to ray.thyer@bigpond com with your name and telephone number. I can’t do this alone. Australia is in your hands! Ray Thyer (President).

Tracking  UA-82078737-1



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