A LOAF OF BREAD COST (A)$0.85 at Woolworths and Coles yesterday in Australia BUT IN VENEZUELA IT COST 480 Percent MORE!

That’s equal to (A) $408.00 for a loaf of bread BUT WAIT – NEXT YEAR 2017 – Inflation will be 1,640 Percent and that loaf of bread will cost (A)$ 1,394.00 each.

” What’s that got to do with me?” you ask?

Well you could ignore it and go back to sleep and when you wake the world now awash in Debt will go on and you will still have your job – Well Yes, Maybe?

I have been warning those who will listen that the next GFC is around the corner and yet I have not got 500 members to register my party “Australia New Era Party”. Nothing changed while you slept BUT FOR HOW LONG?

The housing bubble has begun to burst already in Australia, I told you about that in my post yesterday – “ITS STARTED HOUSES AND UNITS ALREADY RESELLING AT A LOSS” – YES I DID!

I also suggested that you ask Malcolm, Bill, Pauline and your favourite Leader of the Independent Political Party whom you voted for in the last Double Dissolution Election WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO SAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FROM BEING EVICTED FROM YOUR DREAM HOME – NOW? If they start to recite their party’s propaganda you will know it is time to join my party  “Australia New Era Party”. I know what to do to save Australia from financial ruin – THEY DON’T!

Bad Times roll along and gather speed very quickly. I hope when you wake  you will join my party “Australia New Era Party” . Your children will love you if you do and hate you if they and you are evicted from your dream home. Cheers Ray.


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