• $40 Billion lost in market value of Australian Shares( last two nights)
  • Great Britain Pound lost Six Percent – 31 year Low.
  • Steven Ciobo ( Australia’s Trade Minister) is in Belguim currying up fervour for a Free Trade Agreement with European Union!

Surely this is madness gone crazy- Britain has just voted to exit the European Union because of the free movement obligation between European State Member States  ie a  human tidal wave waiting to happen from Calais, France to UK in the offing. Yet Australia’s Government with an out of control National Debt in excess of $1 Trillion sending Australia Broke pursues an agreement shunned by UK that will allow thousands upon thousands of Foreigners into Australia where Australia must accommodate, clothe, educate, provide medical and health care and Dole Money to all of them FREE OF CHARGE for as long as it takes for them to become self-supporting i.e. employed in Australia.

THE “CHINA FREE TRADE AGREEMENT” MUST GO, the “Pacific Partnership Agreement ” will be a disaster for Australia’s farmers , manufacturers and tens of thousands of Australians will lose their jobs MUST NEVER BE SIGNED!


I have said many times ” LNP & LABOR know not what to do to save Australia from financial ruin – I DO!

STOP THE ROT NOW- Join my party “Australia New Era Party” NOW! Send an email with “I wish to join “subject line to ray.thyer@bigpond.com for an enrolment form. Don’t send any money! Cheers Ray.

Tracking  UA-82078737-1



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