Now there are two Senators in doubt- Bob Day and Rod Culleton and guess what?

Malcolm Turnbull’s LNP is delaying their putting of new legislation proposals in fear that have not got the numbers to get them passed in Parliament – TRUE! LNP has arrived at the status of “Untenable Government”. i.e. “Unsupportable to get their proposed legislative laws passed in Parliament and Unsustainable to Govern”.

Their position is in Limbo- can’t do anything and can never do anything until they gain all eight cross bench votes to enable their government to operate- an impossible dream!

I DON’T DEAL IN DREAMS- I DEAL IN FACTS! The fact is sooner rather than later there will be another Double Dissolution Election called.

I know what to do to save Australia in the coming inevitable GFC- THEY DON’T!

ONLY YOU HAVE  THE  POWER TO MAKE IT HAPPEN- I am a seventy five year old Australian father with a wife to support and three married offspring. I have no money and depend on the aged pension for sustenance for my wife and myself.

I NEED A BENEFACTOR to get my party “Australia New Era Party” up and running. I need money for media advertising and Billboards to announce my policies to save Australia.

All who want an era of Prosperity and not prolonged Austerity in Australia JOIN MY PARTY NOW, please email me at ray.thyer@bigpond.com with your name and contact details including Email address for an enrolment form. I need five hundred members to register my party in every state now. Like me on Facebook. thanks in advance, Cheers Ray.

Tracking  UA-82078737-1



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