Dear Rebecca Smith,  I don’t know what your game is but I do know that your claim to be the representative of the European Central Bank is false. Your last email information has proven to be false. I have just received confirming advice – quote” The European Central Bank is not involved in such campaigns and we would suggest you to contact your local law-enforcement authority”. end quote – in an email from the  European Central Bank in response to a copy of your email you sent to me- to please confirm your bonafides quote- ( Your Email to me)-

“Dear Mr. Raymond.This is to confirm the receipt of your email which contents is clear and well noted.Please be informed that we the EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK are the Donor of this fund to you campaign and our details as bellow as follows.  European Central Bank
Representative Office Washington at the IMF
700, 19th Street NW, Suite HQ1-03-606
Washington D.C. 20431
admin@europeancentbank.com  Tele:1 (701) 484-2612. I wait to hear from you so we can proceed. Regards, Rebecca.”  end quote.

SHAME ON YOU – you have tried to deceive me and offered false hopes of a One Million Dollar Gift to me that would have given me funds to get my party “Australia New Era Party” up and running and now that is even more remote than before.

I suggest that you discontinue your ill conceived and wayward ways immediately. I will compile a dossier of the correspondence we exchanged and intend to forward it to relevant Australian Authorities for their attention. You are deceitful and dishonest to say the least and I trust that by publishing this letter on Facebook that others will know what you are. signed Raymond Thyer, Coominya Queensland Australia  today is 18 November 2016 2000hours.


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