“Government for the people by the people of the people” was proclaimed as the promise by some Politician somewhere and it sounded good and heart felt but what have we got?

I confess that  like many of my mates and friends I never thought about the Politicians in Canberra much at all. They were faceless somebody or others and not of great concern and we went about our lives and life was great , we all had jobs and money in our pocket to spend and enough to provide for our families. BUT TODAY IS DIFFERENT!

Today One million Australians are unemployed and hundreds of thousands are homeless. Our Superannuation, Age Pensions, Welfare,  Health Care and Benefits are being sabotaged. Our Government is welcoming 12,000 Syrians to come here and they will receive Free Accommodations, Education, Health Care and money to support themselves and their families for as long as it takes for them to become self supporting and WITH NO RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY FOR SUCH HOSPITALITY!

Do you care that Australia is going Broke?  Do you care that factories are closing down and jobs are being Outsourced and do you care if the Government sells off  Australia Assets? Do you care that it is inevitable Australia is now heading to a prolonged period of Austerity?

I CARE! I want a safe and secure future for my family and their children’s children! If you do care TIME IS RUNNING OUT!  Join my Party “Australia New Era Party”, NOW send an email with “I wish to join” subject line to BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Cheers Ray.



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