Dear Mr. Ray Martin and Mr. Stan Grant. your documentary on SBS “First Contact” is the best showcase I have ever seen that glaringly depicts the neglect of indigenous Australians ,over many decades,  by Governments that sat on musical chairs and who did nothing to end the loss of hope and dignity and depravation of tribes of indigenous Australians.

More than that it is also a glaring example of  lives of  like deprived white coloured Australians who are unemployed and homeless and interned in prisons across the Australian Continent.

BUT- this occurs while our Governments provide free accommodations in hotels/ motels, education, health and  welfare to foreigners a.k.a. illegal boat people/ pseudo Refugees and others endlessly.

AND-   they do nothing to change the lives of One Million Unemployed Australians that grow in number every month and while poverty grips our single mothers, elder citizens and more

I commend you both on such riveting entertainment but I implore you to follow it up with the other side of the desperate scene with a showcase of the same desperate situation of the others mentioned above.

Yes I care about them all! I am seventy five years of age with an IQ higher than many and am fed up with the neglect of our Indigenous, white unemployed, single mothers, elder citizens and the folly of politicians who do nought to protect the future of our children and their children.

If you want to expose the “REAL STORY OF AUSTRALIA”  grant me an interview on your “Follow Up  Documentary of the Real Story of Australia today” I have started a new political party in Australia- “Australia New Era Party”.

My name is Ray Thyer my telephone number is 61+754264586 and I live in Coominya Queensland Australia. I hope you do. ( like me on Facebook ) Cheers Ray..

Tracking  UA-82078737-1




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