India has pronounced their 500 and 1000 Rupee notes are worthless paper currency banning 86% of cash in circulation to break corruption and the Black Economy there.

Will Australia follow suit to a cash less economy? Citibank urges the Australian Government so to do and ceased cash handling services in its branches.

Australia operates on “Credit” not “Cash”. There is not enough money (cash) to pay for the ever growing World Debt and if any restriction/s happen on Credit there will be the Mother of all Recessions/ Depression world wide .i.e. shortage of goods and a Tsunami of unemployment.

The Trump Card will spike spending on Infrastructure and for a time decrease unemployment of road and bridge builders and will lead to a greater spike in National Debt and Inflation and when the debt exceeds the ability to pay it the Mother of all Recessions will engulf the world.

This is inevitable and it is no time for amateurs! I have said many times that LNP and LABOR know not what to do to save Australia from financial ruin. I DO!  A vote for incompetency is to condone it. If you want Prosperity and not  prolonged Austerity DECIDE NOW and join my party “Australia New Era Party”  before it is too late. I hope you do. Send an email with ” I wish to join” subject line to for an enrolment form. DON’T SEND ANY MONEY! Your children will love you for it or hate you if you don’t as they suffer  prolonged poverty and Austerity. Cheers Ray.




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