Many things worry me and when I lay my head on my pillow I wonder where it will all end? Australia has a growing unemployment problem, an out of control National Debt and worst of all –  only choice of three Political Parties two of which have been in and out and in again in government and a third gaining popularity that has no answer to these problems. Soon LNP and Labor Parties will implode and that will leave one only that does not have the economic policies to save Australia.

But those are not the major problems that face us all! I am seventy five years of age, Donald Trump is going to build ( spend Trillions of(US) Dollars)  to build the greatest armed force ever that will challenge others to do likewise. The Monguls swept upon China and their “Great Wall” failed to keep them out. Romans swept across Europe and  both of their armies disappeared with the passing of time. What then lies ahead?

When two runaway trains travel on the same track there can be no winners! The  greatest enemy we face is ignorance of the result of our actions! America, China, Russia, North Korea will build massive arsenals and weapons of mass destruction and we will be blown away.. But before that happens the greatest natural force will decimate us with earth quakes, tsunamis, floods, rising seas that will inundate many islands, famine and fire and more.

I believe that the world is heading for self destruction and that there is no one Leader able to save us. I have deliberated on this for a decade and I believe that I have evolved a plan to direct  the world to a safer course and save us from self destruction.

My problem is your problem. No one will listen to me and  we continue on the path to self destruction..

This is no time for Amateurs I  have fifty years of hands-on experience in international Commerce and that has taught me many things. I need $11.7 Million to win the next inevitable Federal Election. LNP and LABOR have millions of dollars – I HAVE NOTHING! Join my party “Australia New Era Party” send an email with “I wish to join” subject line to ray.thyer@bigpond.com for an enrolment  BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! .ALL DONATIONS GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED – please email your financial pledges to ray.thyer@bigpond.com  JOIN NOW I CAN’T DO IT ALONE! Like me on Facebook. Cheers Ray.

Tracking  UA-82078737-1


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