Alarm Bells are sounding – “A Housing Bubble Burst and Recession within two years!” says OECD! Their answer to avoid this is to “Increase GST Rates, low wages and a limit to Government spending and two decades of Surpluses and no Deficits will be needed- read – “AUSTERITY”.

LNP/Liberal Governments and Labor Governments have been in and out and in again for more than three decades and today Australia is going broke! Australia has a Nett Debt in excess of 250% of its GDP. ( in simple terms that means we are spending and borrowing two and half times more money than Australia earns in Exports and all Taxes you pay).

The policies they have is one to SPEND, SPEND AND SPEND their way out of Recessions as they happened over three decades. They borrowed huge amounts of money to pay  for their spending and all the while the debt gathered speed with billions of dollars in Interest Charges.

HAVE YOU BEEN EVICTED AND LOST YOUR DREAM HOME YET?  Yes you will when Recession hits and the Housing Bubble Bursts – UNLESS..

UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW!  The National Bank of Australia seized my home and evicted my wife, family and me onto the street and auctioned off our home and my business built up over twenty years was lost. I know their ways!

I believe that time is running out and it is inevitable that  thousands of Australian Families will be evicted and their dream homes will be seized and  left to rot on a scale that mirrors the derelict towns in America UNLESS- YOU KICK ALL POLITICIANS OUT NOW and join my party “Australia New Era Party” TODAY!

This is no time for Amateurs I  have fifty years of hands-on experience in international Commerce and that has taught me many things. I need $11.7 Million to win the next inevitable Federal Election. LNP and LABOR have millions of dollars – I HAVE NOTHING! Join my party “Australia New Era Party” send an email with “I wish to join” subject line to ray.thyer@bigpond.com for an enrolment  BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! .ALL DONATIONS GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED – please email your financial pledges to ray.thyer@bigpond.com  JOIN NOW I CAN’T DO IT ALONE! Like me on Facebook. Cheers Ray.

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