They should be congratulated and admired for the many long hours they toiled and the many hardships and sacrifices they made and for the hard yards they travelled!

Politicians know well how to penalise them with higher rates of Taxes and now they have agreed to slash to NIL  Rebates on Childcare as soon as they earn $185K and $350K combined income for couples and if that is not enough persecution they slash their Superannuation Entitlements and Benefits.

Those of mature age who strived to be and have become Self Supporting and to live on their private incomes and not be a burden on Government Support for their retiring years are being discriminated against. They have paid taxes all of their lives and should enjoy the same benefits as all others do and regardless of their wealth.

Politicians seemingly have a penchant to raise Taxes on most things and from all people in Australia yet they never create wealth and opportunities for people to advance to higher incomes and to be self supporting in their twilight years.

I know how to steer Australia on a course to Prosperity and how to create opportunities for all to enjoy greater savings and money to enjoy their twilight years  without adding to the burden of our children to pay high and higher rates of taxes to provide for us when we can no longer earn a living,

TIME IS SHORT- it takes time to put together a team to contest the next and inevitable Federal Election. First I must have five hundred members to register my party “Australia New Era Party” under Australian Law.

Second, LNP and LABOR Parties have millions of Dollars to brainwash you and to stay in power – I DON’T – I HAVE NOTHING! I need a Benefactor and money to get my party up and running. All Donations gratefully accepted. Send you financial pledges to me at and if you think you would like to a Member of my Team send your rresume to me also. I am not a politician. Cheers Ray. Like me on Facebook.

Tracking  UA-82078737-1


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