THE CURSE THAT IS “COMPOUNDING INTEREST”! ‘Compounding Interest is ‘Money Gouging at its worst’!

THE CURSE THAT IS “COMPOUNDING INTEREST”! ‘Compounding Interest is Money Gouging at its worst’!

I will create a new “Federal Savings and Commerce Bank” and ban ‘Compound Interest’ and thus put much less strain on your budget to pay for groceries, health care,, mortgage repayments and education of your families and put more money in your pocket and purse.

HOUSE MORTGAGES – will be repaid much sooner say fifteen years instead of thirty! That will mean you only repay the original sum of money of the loan and NO INTEREST CHARGES ON INTEREST ACCRUING ON THE LOAN. In other words you will not pay up to 300 Percent of the original loan amount but one hundred percent plus ten percent interest only and once only!and SAVE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS NOT GOUGED FROM YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!.

Banks thrive on money gouged in Compounding Interest charges!  I can hear the yells of alarm from Self Funded Retirees and Superannuants that they will lose out.

MONEY GOUGING IS NOT THE ANSWER to a happy retirement – NO- The answer to a happy retirement is not to worry about whether the government of the day will reduce your benefit or impose a new Tax – THE ANSWER IS A PROSPEROUS AUSTRALIA AND A PENSION FOR OUR ELDER CITIZENS THAT IS EQUAL T O THE MINIMUM WAGE OF AUSTRALIAN WORKERS!

I know how to steer Australia on a course to Prosperity and how to create opportunities for all to enjoy greater savings . TIME IS SHORT- it takes time to put together a team to contest the next and inevitable Federal Election. First I must have five hundred members to register my party “Australia New Era Party” under Australian Law.

Second, LNP and LABOR Parties have millions of Dollars to brainwash you and to stay in power – I DON’T – I HAVE NOTHING! I need a Benefactor and money to get my party up and running. All Donations gratefully accepted. Send you financial pledges to me at and if you think you would like to a Member of my Team send you resume to me also. I am not a politician. Cheers Ray. Like me on Facebook.

Tracking  UA-82078737-1

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