Join Now- “Australia New Era Party”                                               WHAT ANNOYS YOU THE MOST?

The Number one most annoying thing that gets me mad is ” I drive into to a Service Station and the price of petrol is changed and suddenly goes up  fifteen cents per litre of petrol!

The number two thing that gets me mad is Government double dipping on “GST on EXCISE” of Petrol!

I can’t accept that the cost of a litre of petrol goes up a moment or in a minute in the middle or other time of the day when the exchange rate of the Australian Dollar hasn’t  depreciated at that moment and the cost of petrol is loaded with double dipping of GST charges on Excise paid per litre of petrol.

If  and when I am elected Prime Minister of Australia I will end the Double dip of GST on Excise on Petrol and legislate that Oil Companies give seven days notice and evidence of their need to raise the price of a litre of Petrol.

The policy of my party ” Australia New Era Party”  is to put more more money in your pocket and purse. I can’t do it alone,. I need five hundred members to register my party under Australia Law. JOIN NOW! Send an email with ” I wish to join” subject line to ray.thyer@bigpond.com the next Federal Election is sooner than you may think.

OH AND TELL ME WHAT ANNOYS YOU THE MOST I just might be able to fix that too. Cheers Ray.

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