I refused $1 Million from an unverifiable source last December

JOIN TODAY- 500 members needed to register a new party in Australia.

I refused $1Million donation for my party ” Australia New Era Party”  last December from an unverifiable source to protect the integrity of my party. I was unable to establish the bona-fides and source of this money and suspected it was from a foreign country or drug money etc and reported the matter to the Australian Electoral Commission and Police.

Unlike the $6Million donation to LNP and LABOR Parties reported, I feared for the integrity of my future government when elected in the next and inevitable double dissolution Federal Election.

If you want to be a member of my Government send me an email with ” I wish to be Mayor/ Premier of your town and State and your details if you wish to be a Parliamentarian NOW! It takes time to form a team to contest all State Elections and the clock is ticking.

HONESTY IS STILL THE BEST POLICY- If you want honesty in Government join my party ” Australia New Era Party”  NOW send an email with ” I wish to join” subject line to ray.thyer@bigpond.com and KICK THEM ALL OUT!

YOUR CHOICE- A NEW ERA OF PROSPERITY OR AUSTERITY!  DONATE NOW- if you want a better future for yourself and family.

All donations big and small gratefully received. Cheers Ray.

LINK TO PAYPAL ME.          paypal.me/RaymondThyer 

 I have arranged with PayPal to accept donations.

Your donation of $25.00 could be your Annual Membership or go towards your family annual membership of $45.00 for Pensioners and unemployed persons or go toward your annual membership of $50.00 per employed persons and o $90.00  family.

Please indicate if you wish this to be and if so your name and your email address and I will send you an enrolment form to join “Australia New Era Party”. THE CLOCK IS TICKING; TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE! Cheers Ray.




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