JOIN TODAY- 500 members needed to register a new party in Australia.


My biggest problem is I have no money to brainwash Australia unlike LNP and Labor who spent $11.7 Million to win the last Federal election. I have battled on for three years now and so far have not got 500 members I need to register my party “ Australia New Era Party” under Australian Law. IN less than two years there will be another Federal Election and I fear LNP or Labor will win by default as I struggle to get 500 members. I have the knowledge to save Australia from the horrors of the Great Depression that will inevitably come with next recession THEY DON’T! They have been in and out and in again in government and we have the highest National Debt ever. My task is great but together we can make a team to win the next Federal Election and Kick them all out. If you want change join my party now before it is too late, It is not pretty living in poverty- I KNOW!  Together we can make a big difference.  Cheers Ray.

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