JOIN TODAY- 500 members needed to register a new party in Australia.


I wish it was as simple as making a law that would appease all but I fear the matter of male , female parenthood of our children cannot be decided by a law alone. I think that personalities. Religious beliefs etc would never agree with any law on the matter of same sex marriage..

I have seen much disagreement of what is right and wrong and in the end the onus is on every one of us to decide upon the path we follow. I am seventy six years of age but feel only fifty years old and I have decided that time wasted over the futility of warring over what one or another of us should do is just that- a waste of time. There is much wrong in the system that controls us and our destiny in Australia.

I fear that Australia and all of us are doomed to suffer the greatest hardships since the Great Depression  within  two years or less. I have fifty years of hands on experience in Commerce – nationally and internationally, that has taught me many things.

Already we face a “Trade War” and a “Currency War” and are most vulnerable to be the first casualty in a Global Financial Collapse. I have said many times “ LNP and Labor and the other independent parties know not what to do to save us from financial ruin- I DO!”.

I can’t do anything alone, I need 500 members to register my party “ Australia New Era Party” and 500,000 members to win the next Federal and State Elections.  I have no money left. The National Bank of Australia reneged  on their promises, seized, auctioned off my family home, tossed us onto the street and my business built over twenty years was lost.

If you want Prosperity and not Austerity, join my party “ Australia New Era Party”  NOW before it is too late. Send an email with “I wish to join” subject line to ray.thyer@bigpond.com  It is not pretty living in poverty – I KNOW! Cheers Ray.


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