JOIN TODAY- 500 members needed to register a new party in Australia.

                          YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO MAKE!

Each of us and millions of Australians are entitled to our own opinions. Australia is still a free country and all of us may choose to say, think and do as we please unless of course we break “Australian Laws”.

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten have said they will “Stand side by side and vote ‘Yes’ to same sex marriage. That is their right and I vote “NO” to it that is my right.

I have said that it is futile and a waste of time to warmonger  others to agree with things they disagree with and so it is never going to happen that twenty and more millions of Australians will all agree with the outcome of postal votes or other and will go on with their beliefs and way of life.

I couldn’t care less which way the vote goes, I will believe as I have always believed and don’t try to influence anyone one way or the other for that is just time wasting.

Better it is to try to change the things that need fixing to benefit the future of our children and their children’s children.

Our children are our future! The legacy we leave them is up to us!  Unless we change things that need to be fixed NOW they will burdened and doomed to higher and higher levels of taxation and a never ending debt.

You have a choice to make (a) waste time on a futile crusade for same sex marriage or (b) embark on a new path to achieve an era of prosperity that will put more money in your pocket and purse and end the nightmare that will be our legacy to future generations of higher and higher levels of Taxes to meet higher and higher levels of never ending debt.

I hope you make the right choice and join my party” Australia New Era Party”. It is not pretty living in poverty – I know!

WARNING – TIME IS SHORT – send an email with “I wish to join” to for a better future for yourselves and our children’s children. NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! Cheers Ray.



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