JOIN TODAY- 500 members needed to register a new party in Australia.

                            EENY, MEENY, MINY, MO  ….

Last night I worried “1700 Aussies lost their jobs in the last month and there are two million of us unemployed and under-employed and tomorrow how many more?

I worried too, as I lay my head on my pillow and could not sleep, what should I have done better to get the warning across to convince 500 to join my party?

I have been warning of the hell and purgatory that will come when the housing bubble bursts and now there are thousands of parents and others who will lose their dream home when Interest rates rise.

The National Bank of Australia seized and auctioned off my home and evicted my family and tossed  me onto the street and my business built over twenty years was lost because they broke their promise.

That was unnecessary and the loss of your dream home/s is unnecessary! You are not at fault – the fiscal policies of LNP and LABOR Parties are inept and yet they continue to follow them. THIS IS NO TIME FOR AMATEURS! I have fifty years of hands-on experience in International Commerce and in Australia. To follow their failed fiscal policies is to lose thousands of dream homes and businesses.

Are you ready for change?  My Fiscal policy is much different than LNP/ LIBERAL and LABOR inept policies that have failed over three decades. Today the gross National Debt is 6.2 TRILLION DOLLARS and a rise of interest rates will burst the bubble and your dream home will be lost.

IT’S ALL UNNECESSARY!  Are you ready to try my way? I can save thousands of jobs and dream homes becoming fodder. My daughter told me “You should tell them (Politicians) what to do so people will not lose their homes, Dad!”

I am not in the habit of teaching those who have had three decades to work things out and who have not been able to do so. THIS IS NO TIME FOR AMATEURS!

I can’t save your job/s and your dream home unless I become Prime Minister of Australia. You have the power to steer Australia on a better course. Join my party “Australia New Era Party” NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! Send an email with “I wish to join”, subject line to for an enrolment form. It is not pretty living in poverty – I know! Cheers Ray.

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