JOIN TODAY- 500 members needed to register a new party in Australia.

                     WE MUST BE PREPARED (2).

We must be prepared but we are not!  Already the bite is being felt with the biggest decline in seven years in Retail Sales and in every State of Australia. Already there are many hundreds if not thousands of Aussie Families ninety days in arrears of their payments of their mortgages and face the real danger of being evicted and tossed out onto the street.

Politicians hesitate not to increase their remunerations generously to ease the burden on their pockets or purses. Jobs disappear in their hundreds and thousands monthly.

NOW IT IS HAS BEGUN- WE MUST BE PREPARED!  ENOUGH ALREADY- KICK THEM ALL OUT!  Under the watch of LNP and Labor Parties we have householder’s Debt Levels higher than ever before. We have savage wage constraint and rising living costs.

ENOUGH ALREADY! I have said many times LNP and Labor know not what to do to save Australia from financial ruin – I DO!

TIME IS RUNNING OUT!  It takes time to form teams to contest State and Federal Elections. Without change of Governments both State and Federal nothing will ease the pain and demise of our way of life.

CALLING APPLICATIONS FOR ALL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT & SENATE SEATS ACROSS AUSTRALIA!  Join now “Australia New Era Party”. Email ray.thyer@bigpond.com with your name, resume, address and telephone number with subject line;

 “I want to be ……………………………………………..of ……………………………………………………..” e.g. I want to be Senator/ Minister for Arts. Time is short to select candidates for one hundred and fifty Ministers of parliament twelve senators from every state and four from NT and ACT.

   You must not be a member of another party. You can resign from the “I’m in again parties and join “Australia New Era Party” but you must be enrolled on the AEC Electoral Roll.


I need five hundred members to register my party. Australians eighteen years and over are eligible to join “Australia New Era Party”.

You deserve a better future, your family deserves a better future that you will only achieve by joining “Australia New Era Party”.  AUSTRALIA IS IN YOUR HANDS! Cheers Ray.




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