JOIN TODAY- 500 members needed to register a new party in Australia.


Of all the hairbrained schemes Scott Morrison LNP’S latest to “Tax Travel that Motorists do” is-

  • A Money Grab that will not reduce Taxes and Charges on Motorists.
  • A huge Money Grab on COUNTRY PEOPLE – who have to travel many more kilometres to shop for weekly groceries etc.
  • A huge added cost for Country People to visit their Doctor.
  • An ‘Added cost” on every Kilometre we travel and will add to the cost of everything we buy.

This is also a vivid illustration of the intent of LNP to raise Taxes by stealth. They excel on raising taxes on the people.



I MUST HAVE FIVE HUNDRED MEMBERS BY CHRISTMAS 2017 to register my party “Australia New Era Party” to contest the next State and Federal Elections.

To everyone who likes me on Facebook and to all who like my aims for a better and more prosperous future for our children and their children this is my call for you to enrol in my Party “Australia New Era Party” by Christmas 2017.

Year 2018 is expected to be the year when Stock Markets will suffer their worst losses ever and Australia will suffer from a House Bubble and Apartment Bubble burst and the devastation that a collapse of Bitcoin and other Crypto- currencies will reign down on us.

I have said many times LNP and Labor know not how to save Australia from financial ruin – I DO!

If you want a better future for yourself and your family please JOIN MY PARTY NOW!  After Christmas 2017 IT WILL TOO LATE!  Send me an email with “I wish to join” subject line NOW!  OR GOD HELP US ALL!  Cheers Ray.



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