Ask Annastacia Palaszcuk, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Pauline Hanson, Tim Nicholls and your favourite wannabee Prime Minister of your Independent Political Party – WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO WHEN THE MONEY RUNS OUT?

Annastacia Palaszcuk has been reported as declaring “Queenslanders don’t care about how much Debt we have got!”

Under her government’s watch Queenslanders owe $98 Billion and yet she wants to spend many more millions of dollars we haven’t got. Queensland is broke!

Never smile at a Politician who promises many things they should have delivered before. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA YOU ARE BEING DUDDED!  AUSTRALIA IS GOING BROKE NOW!  GONE IS OUR “AAA” CREDIT RATING!

ASK THEM NOW- How are they going to pay our Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Policemen and women, soldiers, sailors, airmen, Pensions, Public Servants and Dole Payments and find jobs for three million unemployed Australians when the day of financial  reckoning comes and the money runs out?

When  they start to recite their party’s propaganda you will know it is time to join a party that knows what’s what – my party “Australia New Era Party”, I have said many times they don’t know what to do – I DO!.

I know what to do to save Australia from financial ruin- they don’t!  Join my party “Australia New Era Party” NOW – BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!  Send me and email with “I wish to join” subject line to   AFTER CHRISTMAS 2017 IT WILL BE TOO LATE! Cheers Ray.

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