ABOUT  ME-                                                                                                             


                                                                  Ray Thyer 

  •  An Author
  •  A Screen Writer
  •  A some times song writer.

I have written many stories and in particular self-published two volumes of the history of my hometown “Brisbane, Queensland. Australia” I titled “Ray Thyer”s Chronologies of 19th & 20th Centuries – a wonderful journey through time of the beautiful city of Brisbane, Queensland. Australia – Years 1800 To 1900 and 1900 To 2000. You can view visuals of these and some of my stories on  my webpage raythyer.com ( Please note- there are no available printed copies but I am about to make DVD’s of them for sale shortly).

            I have begun a new Australian new political party “Australia New Era Party”.

Twenty three years ago the National Bank of Australia reneged on promises made me and my business built up over twenty years was lost and they evicted my family and me on to the street. I have fifty years of hands-on experience in Commerce Intrastate and Internationally.  The world today is awash with enormous Debt . I despair that such immense  poverty as we have not yet experienced will fall upon us all and despair at the seemingly “She’ll be right attitude”  of our politicians to save us having  little or no food and money has no value when either Deflation or Hyper-inflation rules the day and our Superannuation will not be enough to feed our parents and our families.

For Prosperity and not Austerity  join my party “Australia New Era Party” NOW and KICK THEM ALL OUT at the  coming sooner rather than later  inevitable  Double Dissolution Election. Send an email with “I wish to join” subject line to ray.thyer@bigpond.com  I am not a politician I know what to do to save Australia – THEY DON’T! Australia is in your hands today!   Like me on Facebook. Cheers Ray.



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