FIRST THINGS FIRST                                                                                cropped-rays-photo4.jpg

First  there is the matter of gaining 500 members to have my party registered under current government laws and regulations, that is the required number of registered members required to register a political party in Australia.. I am far off that number so nothing is going to happen until I achieve  500 members. The following are the stated party objectives from party constitution-

The objectives of the Party shall be:

7.2.3 Legislate – “Truth in Advertising”- there shall be ‘ One Total Price in all Advertisements’, contracts and agreements with only one amount of profit. and without any compounding interest charges over any loan period AND to  ‘End Rip-offs’.and ‘Double-dipping” in the Commonwealth of Australia. 

7.2.4Limit sales and ownership of any city/ urban residential and rural land in Australia to not more than 0.425 hectares to any  foreign ( off shore) individual, Corporation or other off -shore  entity whatsoever.

7.2.5 Create an “Anti-Monopolies Board” to ensure majority ownership of any Corporation, Enterprise, Resource and infrastructure in Australia, present and future  be not less than fifty one percent by Australian Persons/ Enterprise/s.

7.2.6Legislate for “Equal pay for women for the same work men do”.

7.27Legislate the Control of Banks and interest charges of all loans including Real Estate- all contracts to be a total cost of  property and with only one amount of profit and without any compounding interest charges over any loan period.

When I have registered my party I will of course have to select from registered members  one hundred and fifty Ministers of parliament twelve senators from every state and four from NT and ACT, six Premiers, two Chief Ministers from NT & ACT and Mayors and Councillors across Australia.

I have said many times the aim of my party is (1) to reduce Taxes and to put money in people’s pockets and purses. (2) to end the “Rip-offs” i.e. Interest Charges that are money gouging of people’s hard earned money on Credit Cards and Mortgages and double dipping GST on Excise on Petrol.

There is much to be done to achieve these aims. I can’t do it alone but with the right people together we can make Australia a land of opportunity and prosper. TIME IS SHORT! Send an email with “I wish to join” subject line to   AUSTRALIA’S FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS!. I need a (A)$1Million Benefactor to publicise my party on Billboards and media advertising. A million dollars will sooner rather than later be worth much less with the next and inevitable ( GFC) Global Financial Crisis. Benefactors please contact me at ray.thyer@bigpond. com    You have much to gain and nothing to lose! Regards Ray.

Tracking ID  UA-82078737-1


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