G’day everybody! I wish you all a happy, healthy and wealthy future!

G’day everybody! I wish you all a happy, healthy and wealthy future!   Ray's Photo

Wouldn’t it be great if those wishes came true. We could pay our mortgages, Council’s Rate charges and fees, Electricity Bills, buy clothes for ourselves and families, have our refrigerators filled to overflowing and at the end of every week take our wives and families to a restaurant and then on to a cinema or other place of entertainment without a worry of being evicted from our dream homes and being unemployed tomorrow.

You deserve it, your children deserve it! So why is it not so?  We have elected Liberals/LNP and Labor parties every three years for three decades and more and today 800,000 plus Australians are jobless, families are evicted and tossed out on to the street, youth unemployment grows and misery and poverty is the order of the day.

Apathy is a contagious disease. I have warned many times on my Facebook pages of the problems that beleague us and of the inevitable Mother of all Recessions that will come yet it seems no one is interested.  Time is running short, I need 500 members to register my party and time to put together a team to contest the inevitable next Double Dissolution Election and $1 Million to fight a good fight when it comes.

If you care about your future now is the time to say so and stand up and be counted together we can make a big difference. Join my party “Australia New Era Party”  NOW before it is too late.  All donations gratefully received send to Ray Thyer c/- Post Office, Coominya Qld. 4311. You deserve better! Cheers Ray.

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