Join Now- "Australia New Era Party"
Join Now- “Australia New Era Party”

Your future and the future of your children and children’s children is at stake!

I doubt LNP and Liberal political parties  will ever learn the harsh realities of backing the wrong horse! Wouldn’t you think after three decades and more they would have woken up that the winners in a “Level Playing Field of international trade” are not those who “play the game honestly” but are those who know what to do to ward off cheap imported products and thus save the jobs of thousands if not millions of people and all the while smile and seem to be playing the game honestly- obviously not!

Once upon a time all products we needed were “Made in Australia” and then things changed and all we needed were “Made in Japan” and now all we need is “Made in China”  – WHERE NEXT?

War has a habit of coming around when least expected and the products we need everyday will no longer be available and our once proud “Made in Australia” manufacturers are like the dinosaurs – a dead and long gone species.

I have fifty years of hands-on experience in Commerce – Internationally and intrastate in Australia and know what has to be done to save Australia from financial ruin. THEY DON’T!

There are many independent political parties as well as the Labor Party with wannabee Prime Ministers of Australia – NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK THEM – “HOW” – how are you going to save us from financial ruin?  Grand Intentions and empty pretty  words won’t cut it! If they start to recite their party’s propaganda you will know it is time to join a party that does know what to do- my party – “Australia New Era Party”  and send an email with “I wish to join “subject line to ray.thyer@bigpond.com

I can’t do it alone I need five hundred members to register my party and $1 Million and more dollars to wage a good fight at the next and inevitable Double Dissolution Election. If you want change join my party today and bring a new era of prosperity before it is too late, I hope you do, All donations gratefully received send to Ray Thyer C/- Post Office Coominya Qld. Australia 4311  Cheers Ray.

Tracking  UA-82078737-1






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  2. G’day Brad, thanks for your kind words. It is very hard to get known when I have no money. Please tell me where I should look for ” Mertiso’s Tip go viral” thanks in advance, regards Ray Thyer.


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