IS THIS THE FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN?                                                    Ray's Photo

  • 43 percent of young mums will be jobless and on welfare.
  • another 39 percent will need welfare payments while doing part time or full time work.
  • more than half a million young mums will live in poverty in jobless families.
  • more than 4000 young mums will rely on welfare in twenty years.

THAT IS ONLY HALF OF THE STORY-One million and more Australian Fathers and Mothers will be unemployed and their families will live in poverty with no hope of ever getting a job!

This is the track record gained by governments that have been in and out and in again every three years in power in Canberra.

ENOUGH ALREADY!  There is another way-  kick them all out and put in someone who knows what to do to save Australia from poverty and misery – ME!  You have the power today to change the future from poverty to Prosperity. I can’t do it alone I need 500 mothers /fathers to join my party to register it under Australian Law. Send an email with “I wish to join” subject line to  Together we can make a big difference, Cheers Ray.

  1. Ask the wannabee Prime Ministers of Independent Parties that you belong to “HOW- how will they create one million jobs for Mums and Dads ?  When they recite their party’s propaganda you will know they don’t know and it is time to resign and join my party “Australia New Era Party” they don’t know – I DO!

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