World Banks will implode and your money will be gone! It is inevitable that the day of reckoning will come . You can ignore the symptoms and carry on as if it will be centuries away but not so! Australia , England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, USA and many other countries today print money endlessly and World Banks will implode, your money will be gone and financial Ruin will quickly spread across the world.

Government’s reckless spending continues, they  sell off Australia’s shipping Ports, Airports, Roads, Electricity Poles and much more and in the end Australia will be owned by other countries without a shot being fired!

Just around the corner lies a Housing Bubble Burst, across Australia already fifteen percent and more are ninety days in arrears of paying their house mortgages. Banks and others will seize dream homes and evict families on to the streets but that will not postpone their day of reckoning when the people rush them and withdraw their money in the hope their money will save them from joining the masses drowning in poverty and Austerity. Pensions will not be paid, workers will lose their jobs in hundreds of thousands and in millions and money will have no value- a loaf of bread will cost a King’s Ransom.

Such is the future of all Australians. The facts are there today for all to see – TODAY THE WORLD IS DROWNING IN DEBT, zero interest rates on bonds etc.  It can be avoided I know what has to be done to save Australia THEY DON’T!  ( I can’t save the world) . You have one last chance to avoid the mother of all Recessions, join my party “Australia New Era Party” NOW! and KICK THEM ALL OUT! You deserve better, your family deserves better, they will thank you if you do and hate you if you don’t when the Bubble Bursts! Cheers Ray.

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