I remember those words well and I remember too “Bury your money in a tin in the back yard!” Old remedies are folklore or are they the way of the future when all experts have failed to lead the way?

I have said “SUPERANNUANTS AND SELF FUNDED RETIREES BEWARE!” once before and today it is more necessary to repeat the warning.  It has been reported that shares in a major bank here fell 3.5 percent following disclosures of shrinking income and increase in bad debts. Also it is said that the Bank of England failed to fulfil its GBP 60 Billion bond buying program and there is not enough bonds to buy and the UK bonds fell from 2.3 percent to 1.3 percent  and Germany has 360 Billion Euros of zero coupon bonds on issue and the Bond yields on German, UK and Spanish 10year bonds hit a record low of 0.5percent. Which means Bond Holders will not get their money back at the end of ten years – A CERTAIN LOSS!

WARNING:- Swiss investor Marc Faber, warned the US share market could continue to edge higher over the coming months but would then shed more than half its value possibly over the next five years  also he predicted the S&P 500 Index which closed at 2175 would fall to 1100 and that “Money Printing ( QE) by the world’s Central Banks has distorted markets and drove asset prices to artificially high levels but when the asset bubble bursts investors could see five years of capital gains wiped out!

I know how to save Australia but I can’t do it alone, I need five hundred members to join my party ” Australia New Era Party” NOW! It takes time to put together a team to contest an election and time is running out before the next and inevitable Double Dissolution Election. I have said many times “LNP and LABOR know not what to do to save Australia- I DO!

You have a choice – A new era of Prosperity or Austerity?  I hope you make the right choice and join my party and send me an email with “I wish to join” subject line to ray.thyer@bigpond.com before it is too late, cheers Ray.

Tracking  UA-82078737-1



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