STOP KILLING NOW                                                                                    Ray's Photo!

A child dons a suicide vest and walks innocently into a market and hundreds of his/her kin die needlessly. Every night on television it is the same. Fifty and more wars today rage  around the world killing mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers.

WHY? I am seventy five years of age and it has been so for two and more generations of them and yet the killing goes on. War is not something to commemorate, WAR IS STUPID AND GAINS NOTHING!

ISIS AND ALL OTHERS – STOP KILLING YOUR FAMILIES NOW!  Instead devote your labours to feeding them and helping your neighbours. It is better to live alongside your neighbour and share the rewards of your labours. Famine, poverty and anarchy rule the day and there is no end to the killing of families. IT IS TIME TO STOP KILLING AND to go home and join your families win their lonely plight of survival.

Governments may build huge armies and navies and millions of men train to kill each other. Governments have lost sight of the three worst dangers that face  us all on earth-


Greed controls the world and  for too long the useless killing has gone on. I can’t save the world  but I can change the path it trods only if you join me and join my party “Australia New Era Party” before it is too late.

It is inevitable that another Double Dissolution Election will be held here. I hope you make the right decisioin today your children and their children’s children’s future depend on it. Cheers Ray.

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