JOIN – MY PARTY for Prosperity!                                        

We have just voted for and re-elected many and some new politicians to govern Australia and entrusted them to spend our money paid them in Taxes to the benefit of ourselves and our families and their futures. Much they recited yet what they recited told not of their real intent and abilities to save us in a time of Global Financial Crisis that is beginning to sweep across the world. America, Japan, UK and others are Printing Trillions of Dollars to prop up their own economies and have Zero or near Zero Interest Rates.
I suspect the Governments already printing money believe their doing so indefinitely will keep them afloat forever. They live in lands of fantasy! Sooner rather than later they will reach the end of their GDP ( Gross Domestic Product – value of goods etc they export) ability to earn sufficient export dollars to pay their National Debt and become insolvent.
The Good Ship “Australia” is doomed it will sink because of the inabilities of Governments to take early action to avoid the next and inevitable Mother of all Recessions. I know what to do to save Australia – THEY DON’T!
Its time to ask them- what are they doing now to save us and our families from the coming GFC and poverty? If they recite their party’s propaganda you will know its time for you to join my party “Australia New Era Party. YOUR CHOICE- PROSPERITY OR POVERTY & AUSTERITY? I hope you make the right choice and join my party. Cheers Ray.

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