THIS IS YOUR FUTURE!                                                         

1 MILLION UNEMPLOYED and when Australians learn of and suffer from the agenda of Malcolm Turnbull and LNP below much suffering and hardship will be the order of the day of all workers who earn less than $80,000.00 year  and self funded Retirees and Superannuants in particular and their children. Tertiary Students, unemployed workers and mothers with children in Child Care in general: THERE WILL BE NO TAX CUTS FOR WORKERS EARNING LESS THAN $80,000.00 YEAR!


  • $ 1.1 Billion from Unspent Grants
  • $ 54.1 Billion from Hospital Funding
  • $ 4.5 Billion from Schoolkids Bonus
  • $3.5 Billion from Pension Asset Test
  • $ 1.2 Billion Aged Care Cuts
  • $ 0.9 Billion R & D Incentives
  • $0.5 Billion Family Tax Benefits
  • $0.2 Billion Tertiary Education
  • $0.2 Billion ABC Cuts
  • $1.3 Billion Energy Supplements
  • $1.3 Billion Dental Scheme
  • $2.9 billion Superannuation
  • $ 1.9 Efficiency Dividend
  • $1.0 Renewable energy Grants
  • $1.3 Local Government Grants
  • $19.3 Foreign Aid


I have said many times “They know not what to do to save Australia from financial ruin- I DO!”

LNP Superannuation Cuts will bring havoc to Self Funded Retirees and Superannuants-

  • Double Tax on super contributions for workers on $250,000.00 year + over from 15% to 30%
  • Cap Tax Free Super Balances on Retirement at $1.6 Million with remaining balances to be taxed.
  • Will dump current $180.000.00 year Limit on after-tax contributions and impose $500,000.00 Lifetime Cap.


Both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten spoke about their TEN YEAR  prophecy of turning Deficits to Surplus at the end of ten years. THAT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN  Neither will be in Government ten years consecutively! Neither spoke of HOW they would achieve the turnaround.

These are the hidden impositions of LNP / Malcolm Turnbull’s agenda.. WE MUST BE PREPARED before the next double dissolution Election occurs. I need 500 members to register our party “Australia New Era Party” under Australian Law.

I expect there is six months more or less to get registered and to make up a team of party Cabinet Members and of candidates to contest all Federal and State seats. I can’t do it alone. Join my party “Australia New Era Party” NOW! Send an email with “I wish to join” subject line to  for Prosperity and not Austerity. Cheers Ray.

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