TIME IS RUNNING OUT!                                                 cropped-rays-photo4.jpg

Figures released by the four Big Banks in Australia tell the real story they have collectively              (A) $ 10,000,000,000.oo  TEN BILLIONS of house mortgages that are 90 days in arrears as of August 2016.

$1 Billion   = 1000 Millions

$10 Billion = 10,000 Millions

Say the average house Mortgage is around $ 1/2 Million

So 10,000 Millions =  20,000 homes 90 days in arrears IN RISK OF BEING SEIZED AND 20,000 FAMILIES BEING EVICTED! as at August 2016 and it is likely that twice that number will be evicted in 2017!

THE BUBBLE WILL BURST and when it does not only houses will be seized but businesses and factories will be seized and 40, 000 JOBS LOST!

I have said before “LNP and LABOR know not what to do to save Australia from financial ruin- I DO!

The National Australia Bank reneged on promises made to me and they seized and auctioned off my family home twenty four years ago and my business built up over twenty years was lost. I know well the anguish, hell, poverty deprivation of such actions! I need 500 members to register my party under Australian Law. Join NOW BEFORE YOUR HOME TOO IS LOST!

You have a decision to make – poverty and Austerity or a new era of Prosperity?  Time is running out you had better decide very soon. I hope you make the right decision and join my party “Australia New Era Party” and send an email with ” I wish to join” subject line to ray.thyer@bigpond.com  Before it is too late. Cheers Ray.
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