It is inevitable Australia will not be able to pay its debts! Today the debt is $1 Trillion and compounds at the rate of $1 Million every week of every month of every year.

UK, USA, Japan and many more countries are printing money to ward off the inevitable day of reckoning and when the value of the money they print has no value and a loaf of bread will cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to buy it, parents will be unable to pay their mortgage, won’t have enough money to buy food for their children, senior citizens won’t afford or receive medical care or pensions, Banks will close and millions will become unemployed.

I have warned of this inevitable future for Australians while Governments borrow millions, billions and trillions of dollars to create the image that all is well and politicians continue to enjoy salaries and perks far in excess what workers receive to clothe, educate, feed and house their families.

To ignore the reality of this is to live with false dreams. I have said neither LNP nor Labor know what to do to save Australia from inevitable financial ruin- I DO!

It is inevitable there will another Double Dissolution Election. It takes time to put together a team to contest a Federal Election and I must have 500 members to register my party under Australian Law.

If you want Prosperity and not Austerity and such a future for yourself and your family JOIN “AUSTRALIA NEW ERA PARTY”   NOW and send me your resume to become a member of my team. Send an email with “I wish to join” subject line to  before it is too late!

You deserve better, your children deserve better and will say thanks Dad and Mum if you do and hate you if you don’t! Cheers Ray.

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